Why Choose Propcare One to Manage Your Property?

We've set our property management business up to provide expertise, stability, accountability and peace of mind. We know that your property is one of your biggest wealth creation tools, so we're here to protect it and create the most wealth possible for you.

While the service offered by most agencies will seem the same on the face of it, below are some major points of difference that we offer.

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at the reviews our clients have posted about us publicly on Google & Facebook.


  • We're Property Management Specialists, not a sales agency that uses property management to feed leads to the sales team.

  • A director of our company helps manage your property so you know there’s accountability.

  • Our Proven Tenant Selection Process has kept us out of QCAT for over 4 years.

  • Marketing: We'll post quality photos on the major real estate websites including Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au to attract the best tenants to your property faster!

  • Our property managers handle approximately 25-40 fewer properties each (compared to our competitors). This allows us to give you better service.

  • Our team personally own real estate, so we know a landlords perspective. If we wouldn't put a tenant in one of our properties you can be confident that we won't put them in yours.

  • Our attention to detail is unrivaled. For example, we not only prepare an entry report, but we’ll take approximately 200 photos (for a 2-3 bedroom home) to make sure tenants are held accountable for any damage they do.

  • Our team is stable and you won’t get a new property manager every 9-12 months. The last team member who moved on was over 6 years ago, so you can be confident in knowing who will pick up the phone when you call.

  • We've been serving the Gold Coast since 1991 and we own our office space. You can be confident that we'll still be serving you if the sales market takes a dip, just as we have through every other market cycle